Apostles Creed Shroud

The Apostles Creed ShroudOne of the largest projects Roger has created, this was a wooden shroud containing the Apostles Creed.  The cross was a previous chip carving work by Roger. The cross itself stands nearly 6 feet tall. The shroud that is "pinned" to the cross is a relief carving containing the writing of the Apostles Creed which has been chip carved. The gallery below shows the progression of the shroud from conceptualization to the final product. 

Project Steps:
  1. A sheet was hung to show the concept visual on the completed cross.
  2. Several piees of wood stock were glued together to give the neede ddepth and maintain a good quality of grain.
  3. The image was penciled on the wood, front and side.
  4. The main shape was rough sawed, then rough chiseled.
  5. Once the shroud was completed, time for finishing and chip carving the Apostles Creed.

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